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hello [beautiful] world!

My Name is Kirk

Patent No.: US 9,319,724 B2
Favorite Media Program Scenes
Systems & Methods
A machine learning process that allows artificial intelligence to predict and find movies and scenes that will appeal to you and combinations of humans.

Patent No.: US 8,977,104 B2
Tagging Video Content
Processes of which combines computer vision and artificial intelligence to determine details of what is displayed in moving pictures.

macromedia site of the day
Nationwide Insurance
30 Ways – Life Comes at You Fast

*LUMA – Design Thinking Trained and Certified
* Successful deployment of several releases of Verizon FiOS TV
* Multi-platform release of
Redbox Instant by Verizon
* Bridge gaps between product and development teams
* Help prolong and revive peer careers
* Awarded intellectual property patents
* Help keep millions of customers despite cord-cutting trend
* Solve complex business objectives within the confines
of the medium

give the world something extraordinary

Brands I've Worked with

After years of evolution in the digital space, I’ve produced cutting-edge creative for start ups and some the largest, most-notable companies.

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