Fannie Mae – Corporate Logo Animations
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2018 Fannie Mae Demo Reel – 3rd Quarter

Fannie Mae Demo Reel 2018
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Fannie Mae – This is Your Blueprint

Fannie Mae - This is Your Blueprint
If you recognize the voice over talent in this video, it’s because I hired the voice of Venomâ„¢. I wrote the script.
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Fannie Mae – Finding Customers Event Video

Finding Customers at Fannie Mae
Playing on the difficulties of the researcher’s ability to get in touch with customers in order to gain insights.
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Fannie Mae – Application Hype Video

Fannie Mae API Portal Hype
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Fannie Mae – Blueprint Design System Teaser

Fannie Mae Blueprint Teaser
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Fannie Mae – API Portal Homepage Build

API Portal Homepage Build
A time-lapse of me using Sketch. Video used for a presentation.
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Fannie Mae – Plano Business Showcase

Fannie Mae Plano Business Showcase
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Personal Video Project

Umbrellas Today
Just testing out some camera settings in lower light situations.
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AR Eyewear Project Demo in VR with Conversational Artificial Intelligence Assistant What you are looking at here is a demonstration done in Virtual Reality, created by myself and deployed on the HTC VIVE Virtual Reality Headset. Pay attention to the script, which I carefully wrote, and think about everything the video infers. This is my passion and the heart of what I...
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