AR Eyewear Project Demo in VR with Conversational Artificial Intelligence Assistant

What you are looking at here is a demonstration done in Virtual Reality, created by myself and deployed on the HTC VIVE Virtual Reality Headset. Pay attention to the script, which I carefully wrote, and think about everything the video infers. This is my passion and the heart of what I would like to continue working toward. I post this portion of my video because I not only truly believe I can lead a team to develop this, but I also believe it is our future. 

I started to research methods to accomplish several aspects of this in 2015. I want to emphasize that this video is not just me putting together entertainment. This is very intentional and meant to be a demonstration of the proposed IP ideas I have. 

The video, voice-over script, 3D Work, Most Unity development, and design were done by myself. I hired a voice-over talent and a programmer for specific parts.

I hope this inspires and energizes you.

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