Fannie Mae – Corporate Logo Animations
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Citi – Dashboards and Data Visualizations

At Citi, I am a Creative Director. Below are a random grouping of examples of work. No particular project and in no particular order, containing no real data information in design comps. An inspirational leader, effectively managing a team of creative designers, writers, and architects of different skill levels and...
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Gruvi – Collaborative Personal Music Studio Gruvi is a collaborative audio recording studio in your pocket. This is a work in progress but you might enjoy looking at the current status of design. I have analyzed the current structure of the application, analyze the data to figure out where engagement problems are and...
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2018 Fannie Mae Demo Reel – 3rd Quarter

Fannie Mae Demo Reel 2018
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Fannie Mae – API Portal Homepage Build

API Portal Homepage Build
A time-lapse of me using Sketch. Video used for a presentation.
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AR Eyewear Project Demo in VR with Conversational Artificial Intelligence Assistant What you are looking at here is a demonstration done in Virtual Reality, created by myself and deployed on the HTC VIVE Virtual Reality Headset. Pay attention to the script, which I carefully wrote, and think about everything the video infers. This is my passion and the heart of what I...
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Research and Synthesis

Fannie Mae Blueprint Design System Research
Research is important and necessary to arm yourself with justifiable decisions. In this project, I gather insights and information about an individual’s role in product development and design with an emphasis on their usage and workflow as it relates to a design system. I also gain insights on personal...
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AR and Data Visualization Prototyping Currently being renamed, a project I started on my own at Verizon has stayed with me. Exploring through some kickstarter opportunities. Phone demo can be viewed in person.
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Designing the Right Way

Everyone will have there opinions and preferences about designs and interactions. Sometimes when you have competing approaches you may have to go through some studies. But nonetheless, you should make decisions based upon all relevant factors, not just aesthetic. These factors could be based upon what your target...
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In the Beginning

Here is one of the first 10-foot video experiences I was involved in. Verizon’s FiOS TV.
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A Bit of Info

A creative director with a history of successfully bringing products to market and usage. An award-winning, patent-holding, innovative thinking, results-focused
creative with experience in leading teams to a wide range of internal and external product design experiences and systems design.

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