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At Citi, I am a Creative Director. Below are a random grouping of examples of work. No particular project and in no particular order, containing no real data information in design comps. 

An inspirational leader, effectively managing a team of creative designers, writers, and architects of different skill levels and characteristics. My team is the “The Data Team” or “Data Visualization Team.” I foster a creative, detail-oriented, collaborative environment to maximize the strengths of human and financial resources: excellent management skills that include coordinating and supervision of daily operations and
workload management. I am a creative director that does not mind getting my hands dirty, doing work, and showing by example. I cultivate strategic alliances and partnerships with internal and external leaders in various lines of business.

The data team primarily produces complex data dashboards, data visualizations, and full web-based applications derived from random, unpredictable, and convoluted intake methods. I also lead the team in developing a Data Visualization Design System. Meaning the team designs dashboards and applications that are so vital to business operations. However, we write the book on how it’s done and develop the components and guidelines.

Leading a team from the ground up to do this requires a great deal of critical thinking, strategy, communication, and complicated problem-solving. In addition, each project
requires learning a new line of business, a new team, a new set of acronyms and KPI’s.

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A creative director with a history of successfully bringing products to market and usage. An award-winning, patent-holding, innovative thinking, results-focused
creative with experience in leading teams to a wide range of internal and external product design experiences and systems design.

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