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I am a very forward-thinking and inventive person. I have the ability to create full visions of products and concepts from start to in the customer’s hands. I am somewhat selective as to what ideas I give to a corporation I work for but if it specifically pertains to my job or something I truly believe is in the interest of the company, I will pursue.

Favorite Media Program Scenes and Methods
Issued Apr 19, 2016 us 9,319,724 B2
Machine learning process that allows artificial intelligence to predict and find movies and scenes that will appeal to you and combinations of humans.

Tagging Video Content
Issued Mar 10, 2015 us 8,977,104 B2
Processes of which combines computer vision and artificial intelligence to determine details of what is displayed in moving pictures.

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A creative director with a history of successfully bringing products to market and usage. An award-winning, patent-holding, innovative thinking, results-focused
creative with experience in leading teams to a wide range of internal and external product design experiences and systems design.

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