Augmented and Mixed Reality Industry Analysis Expert

I have been researching Augmented Reality & Mixed Reality market intelligence, applications, services and platforms for a few years now in order to understand the technologies, business models and ecosystems. My research includes data, trends, review of forecast reports, industry leaders and innovators. My purpose of the research is to ensure that I am a qualified consultant for decision-making during R&D phases, Business Requirements and Product Conceptualizing phases. The research and knowledge in these areas along with other supporting areas like Visual Computing, Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning, and RFID technologies put me in a position where I am prepared to continue my endeavors in producing intellectual properties in these fields. Prior to my leaving Verizon, I have over 20 AR ideas that I have yet to share with any company that I am eager to explore.

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A creative director with a history of successfully bringing products to market and usage. An award-winning, patent-holding, innovative thinking, results-focused
creative with experience in leading teams to a wide range of internal and external product design experiences and systems design.

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