FiOS Guide Challenges


I In a TV Cable service experience, the most accessed area is the Guide. This means it is the most critical and possibly the most criticized. Usually, this criticism is based on usability and accessibility issues. Visual handicaps or impairments probably being one of the most common. People have to be able to use a clear and legible product. So utilizing the proper tools to ensure proper contrasting with colors and text is important and will help eliminate issues before studies or launches.

A job well done means that the finished product is both beautiful and functional – and most importantly, meets the business requirements along the way.

Accessibility tests are done to make sure we minimize the issues that may arise common to legibility in Guide layouts.

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A Bit of Info

At Fannie Mae, my job consists of the following:
* Took business challenges and turned them into opportunities.
* Identify problem areas between cross-functional teams and provide solutions for
* Internal research to identify personas, their workflows, and usage of the design
* Create exceptional media for keynote talks, presentations, and quarterly meetings.
* Consult with development teams on application design decisions.
* Meet with and run studies with external business partners.
* Play a vital role in the development of the companies Design System.
* Create UI Elements for the Blueprint Design System
* In-House motion designer and animator.

Previously, employed at Verizon as a UI / UX Software Engineer:
* Take video concepts and products to market.
* Help define what the product is, looks like, and operates.
*Invent new video technologies.
* Manage designers and relationships between design and other cross-functional
teams and partners, both on-site and abroad.
* Primarily focused on video products for all devices and model designs for all

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