Remote Interaction

N Nowadays there are multiple ways to interact with a device. Touch, gesture, voice, etc. The primary interaction model with Fios TV service is the remote control. Of course, the remote controller method dates back decades and people have easily adapted to this method, however, the applications in which these...
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FiOS Guide Challenges

FiOS TV Guide
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Information Architecture

T The key to getting the right content and access points to users without losing them is designing a solid information architecture. The original video on demand folder structure contained more than 10 thousand folders and nested folders while the reconstruction organized assets into less than 100. These folders...
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Concepts Start Somewhere

D Designs evolve. This is where the latest redesign of Verizon fios tv video on demand started. I’m adding just because this will be the only light of day it sees!
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Hardware Meets Software

W When developing a user interface for a product that has significant hardware and back-end systems, you must design front end processes and management that will handle maintenance and provisioning in line with strict capabilities. There is a great deal of complexity when deciding what technical information is...
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Profit from Data

A As fios tv grew, acquiring more contracts with third-party data providers as well as acquisitions with other companies creates more value opportunities. In this example, the challenge is access to tons of information, stats, and data within a Sports Portal. In that portal, what information and features make sense...
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Designing for Gaming Consoles

R Redbox Instant was the result of the partnership between Verizon and Redbox. I was tasked with overseeing the design and development of Redbox Instant for CE devices. XBOX 360, XBOX ONE, Playstation, DVD Players (Samsung), Smart TV’s (Samsung, LG), Roku. Here is an example of the XBOX project.
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